blister packaging

Blister packaging is a low cost, transparent, tamper-proof and unique way of displaying your product. Blister package enhances the fit and appearance of your product. Blister often combined with a printed blister card backing to complete your retail packaging. It is perfect for pharmaceutical, hardware, electronic, cosmetics, and general consumer goods. Materials available: PET and PVC (Other materials available upon request).

Slip blister with blister card

A cost effective way to display your product, slip blister holds your product firmly in place, it is transparent and shaped to the product. Slip blister can either have paper or blister board backing. A hanging hole can be added to allow the product to be hung on pegs.

Blister Card decorations available including: Full color CMYK/PMS printing, foil stamping, UV coating, gloss/matt finish.

Trapped Blister

This sustainable packaging option preferred by major leading brands due to its eco-conscious design. With trapped blister, a flanged thermoformed blister is trapped between a folded display card.

What are the benefits of a Trapped Blister?

  • Reduces plastic use, therefore also reduces energy consumption and gas emission
  • Economical
  • Protects and displays product better
  • Theft-resistant
  • Full space for graphics